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Guangdong Guanfeng Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2005, was listed as Innovation Layer on the New Three Board in 2016, stock abbreviation: Guanfeng  Technology, stock code: 837268. It is located in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Meizhou New High-tech Zone, Guangdong, it’s  specializing in production, development and sells high precision special high frequency, high frequency composite PCB, FR Micro-wave Integrated Circuits, Module Integrated Circuits, etc.





Published Time:
2017/11/19 18:16
Bare board (no accessory on it) is also named as “Printed Wiring Board(PWB)”. The matrix of board is insulated by thermal insulation.
Published Time:
2018/05/11 11:53
Yesterday morning, the Chinese academy of engineering Chen Zhijie and Guanfeng Technology co., LTD built Guangdong Guanfeng Technology Aerospace
Published Time:
2018/05/11 11:50
OSP, HASL, LF-HASL ENIG, IMM AG, IMM TIN, hard gold plating, full board gold-plated, goldfinger, nickel and palladium OSP: low cost, good weldability, demanding strict storage conditions, short time,
Published Time:
2018/05/11 11:47
RF device is the core of wireless connection, anywhere needs wireless connections is required RF devices.
Published Time:
2018/04/19 11:20
Yesterday morning, “Guanfeng Technology Aerospace Electronic Information Technology Academician Workstation of Guangdong Province” jointly built by the Academician Chen Zhijie of the Chinese Academy o
Published Time:
2018/04/19 11:27
The rapid development of modern communication industry has ushered in an unprecedented large-scale market for the manufacture of RF substrates. As the base of RF multilayer PCB production, the structu
Published Time:
2018/05/11 11:55
The concept of 3D printing is not fresh, but congeneric companies in relative fields, such as the 3D PCB printer Voltera, strictly speaking, they are technically flat printers, that is operate on the